Clare and Gideon

We are Clare and Gideon, 2 cyclists from Worthing, on the South coast of the UK, who opted to kick off Clare’s retirement by cycling from our home to Australia, starting April 2016 to “whenever we got there”. So we allowed 2 years, which seemed ample. So ample that we decided to cycle the rest of the way, east, home. So here we are in…

Angleton, Texas, USA. We had a bit of a crisis, realising that we were not making enough progress, with days of for weather and tourism as well as ordinary rest days. But now the country is much flatter, and the weather mostly a bit kinder, if not today (12th Jan), which was cold and a real crosswind. So progress has picked up a bit. 

So far approx. 638 days and about 30100km ridden.

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