Clare and Gideon

We are Clare and Gideon, 2 cyclists from Worthing, on the South coast of the UK, who opted to kick off Clare’s retirement by cycling from our home to Australia, starting April 2016 to “whenever we got there”. So we allowed 2 years, which seemed ample. So ample that we decided to cycle the rest of the way, east, home. Two years is nearly up, now we’re back in Europe again.

Robledo de Chavela, Spain. OK. Those trees, in the background, are as close as we can work out to the exact antipode of the Ashurst Inn, where we stayed a night in New Zealand. Its our 700th day on the road, too. As a bonus, today it hardly rained at all.

So far approx. 700 days, and about 33381km ridden. Spain is the 24th and last new country we visit.
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