Clare and Gideon

We are Clare and Gideon, 2 cyclists from Worthing, on the South coast of the UK, who plan to kick off Clare’s retirement by cycling from our home to Australia, from April 2016 to whenever we get there. Actually, now we’re near to that destination, with time in hand, we’re inclined to continue east, and get home by going right round the world.

Sumatra is one of the places where they like to take selfies with us – all pull over! 

Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia. Can we establish a routine of 5 days riding then 2 rest days? Doesn’t look like it.. We booked to do a whale watch day here, but it’s too windy, so we may stop for longer. It’s nice to have a rest, and this hostel is affordable but time is slipping by. 

So far approx. 491 days and 22944km ridden.

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