Ready Bikes!

Here they are, loaded & ready to go…. For another weekend shakedown tour. Turns out we forgot the fuel pump and had a stripped gas bottle thread. That’s why we have shakedowns.


Clare’s at the front. Thanks for the retirement pressie solar panel draped over the back there. They’re probably 40-45 kilos each. Glad we squeezed slightly lower gearing on a little while ago.

(First post from a phone, too, rather hard work!)

7 comments on “Ready Bikes!

  1. Chris Davis says:

    Good luck Claire and Gideon. Claire we’ll miss you at the swimming but sure your adventures will give us plenty to talk about inbetween sets! Unbelieveably envious!!!! Cheers, Chris


  2. debbie & rob says:

    Good luck, have


  3. nick dowling says:

    Checking that your comments bit is working so I can regularly tell u how jealous I am


  4. nick dowling says:

    can we have a kit list blog at some stage?


  5. Julie Parry ( Holes) says:

    Good luck to you both! Sounds amazing, look forward to following your blog. Cheers Julie


  6. Mike Sangster says:

    Keep the pictures coming. We’re all watching


  7. Allen Frank Cutinha says:

    All the best guys


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