Belgium, Luxembourg, and weather

Since the Worthing crew returned home there had been a serious change in the weather.  It’s no longer shorts, t-shirt and don’t forget the sun cream.  Rain and snow have given the water proofs a good testing.  We’ve all now invested in Marigolds to add a waterproof layer over our gloves.


Cycling in the snow

Nearby there was 30 – 40 cm of snow.  Joe and Melchoir said they were thinking of sending us their studded tyres
It’s been quite interesting crossing the boarders.  France was beautiful and very rural while Belgium seemed to have a more urban feel to it.  My thoughts on Luxemburg are dominated by the city.  Luxemburg city is stunning with many well preserved medieval ruins.  We followed a signed tour of the ancient city which provided beautiful panoramic views as the city cascades from seriously high to river side with roads and buildings on many levels.
Germany is our fourth country and we’re still trying to switch bonjour for gutten Morgen.
So far we have managed to select a good balance between scenic minor roads, lanes and main roads.  At times they all have some serious hills which drastically affect the mileage achieved in a day.
Mannheim, situated on the Rhine, looked beautiful as we rolled in.


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3 comments on “Belgium, Luxembourg, and weather

  1. judy berry says:

    enjoying reading your blog Clare from the comfort of my warm home!! I’m sure you are warmer than us before too long if not already. Thinking of you on your trip Judy


  2. tony mynett says:

    You have already achieved a great deal. Hope all goes well for you in the future, Good luck. Uncle Tony.


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