Istanbul Photo Gallery

Views of East Istanbul


Views of European side, Istanbul


Out and about


Shops and produce


Local street market


Topkapi Musuem and park.  Topkapi palace was the official residence of the Ottoman Sultans since 1453.


Hagia Sophia museum – Originally a Christian church. Built in 532AD by Emperor Justinian.  After 1000 years as a church it was changed into a mosque.  Because the church had lots of mosaics, Sultan Mehmet the conqueror plastered over them to create the mosque.  Now the building is a museum.  The mosaics have been uncovered but the building has kept aspects from both religions.


Blue Mosque



Basilica Cistern – built in 532 AD by Emperor Justinian and was for centuries the main water supply to the city.


Grand Bazaar – over 4000 shops in the world’s largest covered bazaar.


European side Heritage tramp and second (to London’s underground)oldest underground in the world.





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  1. Andy from Vienna says:

    Great impressions again! Andy, Vienna


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