On the Road – Jaisalmer to Madhya Pradesh

After the camel trek at Jaisalmer, we finally turned east to resume Australia-wards progress.

The Land

The People

On The Road, By The Road


In this corner of Rajasthan, there be hills. Before we really got into them, we stopped a day at Ranakpur, where there’s a very large, very beautiful, but seemingly rather under-used, Jain temple.


Last stop in Rajasthan. Christmas in a gorgeously photogenic city, set around a lake. Maybe a special mention for Lal Ghat Guesthouse which was reasonably economical, with a great view, comfy room, and served peppermint tea and porridge.

A nice German tourist on her 18th visit, told us about the town’s Shilpgram festival, in progress, of performance and handicrafts. It’s not publicised to tourists out of deference to (fear of?) the town’s shopkeepers. It was great, the stalls were good value, and the Bangaladeshi guest band that we saw, Joler Gaan, turned out to be staying in our hotel; and tempted us to alter our route to take in Bangaladesh.

Finally, after around a month in Rajasthan, we entered the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.

One comment on “On the Road – Jaisalmer to Madhya Pradesh

  1. nick dowling says:

    Some awesome pictures there!


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