Last Photo-Call for Vienna

Well, that’s it, tomorrow we leave Vienna, albeit one of us will have to rush back by train on th’ appointed day, to collect visas. So, here’s a final photo-roll from Gideon’s pics.

A view of St Peter’s dom, hiding the bits in scaffolding or not cleaned yet.

The Belvedere, we couldn’t quite get to the purpose of; it seems to have been basically a summer house, Hapsburg-style. Compared to many of Franz Joseph’s (later) creations, it is relatively unornate.

These fine fellows’ forefathers must’ve carved a lot of the fine stonework. No call for it today. Instead, they apply a superb level of craftsmanship to Vienna’s pavements (sidewalks). You could’ve played snooker on this patch, I swear they were polishing it. Nothing like Murphy’s “hit it with the back of a shovel’n’run”.

The Kaiser/Emperor was never going to take up cycle-touring. The court was often in travelling mode, but it wasn’t choosing titanium sporks. This is how they packed the candlesticks. Actually, the final decades of the Austro-Hungarian empire did coincide with the invention of bicycle and indeed cycle touring.

3 comments on “Last Photo-Call for Vienna

  1. L J Wickers says:

    Hi Clare & Gidd hope your trip is going well. Loving the photos. Take it easy though. Lyn xx


  2. judy berry says:

    amazing photographs & dialogue. Thank you for putting so much time into putting the blog together & enabling us all to share your experiences.Judyx


    • Hi Judy
      Hope you are well and that the British summer is starting to improve. I’ve heard about the recent floods. The temperatures are soaring over here and will get even hotter. When actually cycling we create our own breeze but it’s not too good when we stop. One of Gid’s father’s friends read our Vienna blog and also liked the photos. They are now going there for their holiday. Great to hear from you, Clare


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