Inle Lake

Inle is a very lovely and scenic shallow lake a few (hard) days cycle south of Tsipaw. It’s one of the tourist “must see” sites in Myanmar. And it’s all conveniently laid out for you. Most of the photos were taken during a day-long trip by long-tail boat, visiting the villages around the lake.



Afloat or Above

Leg rowing fishermen

More Lake Photos

Long neck ladies

This custom is rapidly dying out, so these middle-aged ladies (sorry!) are likely the last generation to have their collarbones squashed down by the heavy brass coils. It really doesn’t look comfortable, and would make swimming nigh-on impossible.


Yarn made from lotus stems. The cloth ends up coarse and pricier than linen, so not widely adopted elsewhere. Silver smiths, these lads only work when the tourists look their way! The cigar ladies, in contrast, seemed very busy.








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